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Student Membership

Sign up for this today. Your support will provide crucial funding for our activities, events and programs. Together we will be able to make a change in the way the people are being treated and see to it that things start changing. Get in touch now to start making great contributions through your membership.


First-Time Membership

Throughout the years The Kent Kidney Patients Association has been able to continue promoting our causes through the kind and generous donations of our members and partners. Don’t stop the good fight now — your help will help us continue our work in supporting kidney, patients and thier families across Kent Together we can make a difference!

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Membership for Life

For those who want to get familiar with how we work, this is a great way to cover all the bases. Your support will move mountains for those in need. Contact us today to learn what becoming a member really means. We can guarantee that every penny you donate is appreciated by those who receive your support. We will be forever grateful.

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