KKPA work alongside the wider Renal Community


The National Kidney Federation is unique because, although there are a large number of kidney charities, the NKF is the national kidney charity actually run by kidney patients for kidney patients.
Most renal units have a Kidney Patient Association (KPA) specifically attached to that unit, however, in January 1979 these independent charities realised that they needed a national organisation to fight their cause as renal provision was in dire difficulties, overstretched, and under resourced. If ever there was a case of post code provision, renal disease was it! Currently there are 49 KPAs and they come together as the controlling Council of the National Kidney Federation, the KPAs are both the ears and the eyes of the NKF and its controlling force. Patients are the Officers of the NKF, the Executive Committee of the NKF and some of the workforce of the NKF. Apart from nine members of staff, all other personnel are either kidney patients or carers of kidney patients.
Unlike other kidney charities, the NKF has only two roles, campaigning for improvements to renal provision and treatment, and national patient support services.

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The UK Kidney Association is the leading professional body for the UK renal community. 

    We welcome members working in clinical renal care, treating and caring for people with kidney disease, those working in research, or related sciences and fields and all allied healthcare professionals.

    For 71 years, the Renal Association, now the UK Kidney Association, has been energetic in promoting and sharing research to improve outcomes for people with kidney disease. We have taken a lead in the education of clinicians and scientists and more recently we’ve evolved to take a major role in training doctors and developing clinical services.

    We are transforming the way kidney care and research is delivered in the UK and beyond. The work we deliver and fund to support our members and renal patients is wide-ranging and includes:


    We are the UK’s leading kidney patient support charity, providing practical, financial and emotional support for kidney patients and their families and campaigning to improve care services across the UK.
    We provide support for more than 100 patients every week and invest over £3 million each year in patient grants. We provide practical and emotional support, funding patient research projects and improving care services. We’re here to give our total support to help improve the quality of life for everyone affected by kidney disease.

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    The British Transplantation Society is the professional voice of transplantation in the UK.

    It is the only Society that represents all professionals involved in transplantation in the UK and we strongly encourage all those working in this field to become members to enable us to be truly representative of our wide community.

    The BTS is actively involved in developing national policy; commenting to the media on all issues relating to organ donation and transplantation; and, of course, developing the scientific, clinical and ethical practices that we all work to on a daily basis.


    As the leading kidney research charity in the UK, nothing is going to stop us in our urgent mission to end kidney disease. We’re here to be heard, to make a difference, to change the future. This is a disease that ruins and destroys lives. It must be stopped. 
    Over the past 60 years, our research has made an impact. But kidney failure is rising, as are the factors contributing to it, such as diabetes and obesity.  
    Today, we are more essential than ever. 
    Kidney disease affects three million people in the UK, treatments can be gruelling and currently there is no cure. Only research will end this and nobody can do it but us, by offering kidney patients and their families hope for the future. We’re taking it on. But we can’t do it without you.

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    Think Kidneys – the national campaign to raise awareness of our kidneys – their importance for life and health and how to look after them

    We want to spread the word about human kidneys and just how amazing they are.

    We have tried to reach as many people as possible through the NHS and the media, and we are very pleased to have won a prestigious Health Business Award for our efforts.