NHS Renal dietetic service
Renal dietitians specialise in assessing nutritional requirements for those people with kidney problems, taking into account their complex needs. Renal dietitians aim to ensure patients are at their best nutritional status possible at all times. 
Diet is an important part of the management for kidney disease. Healthy kidneys remove waste products and water from the body in the urine. When kidneys start to fail, these waste products build up and may result in symptoms such as poor appetite and weight loss. People who have kidney failure may need to avoid or limit certain foods and drinks to help control the levels of some of these waste products.
Renal dietitians provide individual tailored advice; based on blood results, whether a person is dialysing or not, their normal eating habits, social circumstances and any other medical conditions.  
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Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust
have produced an Online Cookbook
(Every Day Eating) for Renal Patients which you can access & download here 
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Recipe books
  • Eating Well for Kidney Health: Expert Guidance and Delicious Recipes”
by Helena Jackson, Gavin James, Claire Green. Publisher: Class Publishing. ISBN-10: 185959204X 
  • Eating Well with Kidney Failure: A Practical Guide and Cookbook” 
by Helena Jackson, Gavin James, Claire Green. Publisher: Class Publishing. ISBN-10: 9781859591161
  • Truly Tasty: Over 100 Special Recipes Created by Irelands Top Chefs for Adults Living with Kidney Disease” by Valerie Twomey. Publisher: Atrium. ISBN-10: 1855942143
  • “Food with Thought” £2.50 from NKF Helpline, The National Kidney Federation, The Point, Coach Road, Shireoaks, Worksop, Notts S81 8BW
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