Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance for patients with kidney disease

The latest news and information about COVID-19 for kidney patients

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As lockdown eases, maintaining social distancing is everyone’s responsibility. While the general public has made a very conscious effort to abide by the guidance, as with anything, fatigue sets in and we’re increasingly hearing from kidney patients and their loved ones about how anxious they are as things start to return to ‘normal’. In light of this, Kidney Care UK are working with a range of charities and NHS organisations on a new nationwide ‘Distance Aware’ initiative which has been championed by Baroness Finlay and NHS Wales. The campaign aims to act as a polite reminder to maintain respectful distancing around others when possible, and they’ve produced button badges that feature this symbol for their supporters. The badge is not meant to identify someone as being vulnerable, or who has been shielding; it is inclusive and is a reminder that the wearer would like others to give them space (as represented by the double headed arrow symbol).
The Badge is Free & can be ordered from the KCUK on-line shop by clicking on KCUK Button Badge. #StaySafe
With COVID-19 lockdown rules being relaxed even more, we are going to see more people out and about. The NKF has designed a bright yellow lanyard to let people know you want social distancing, plus the hook on the lanyard can hold a hand sanitizer.
You can purchase your own lanyard for £1 direct from the NKF on-line shop by clicking on the image 
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