Virtual Transplant Games
30 July - 02 August 2020
If any member of Team Kent would like to be involved please contact:
Paul German, Manager for Team Kent on:
Mobile: 07795 128 202
Hi All,
Hope you’re well!!!
Ahead of the Virtual Games that will run next week on what would have been the dates of the Coventry Games 30th July – 2nd August, we wanted to circulate some information about what will be happening and how you and your Teams can get involved and support the Activity.
The aim of the Virtual Games is to continue engagement with the Games Family and reach a wider audience, if possible, around the time we would have all been together in Coventry. 
This will all be achieved using the BTG Social Media Channels so there is no onus on anyone to register or submit forms (I’ve seen a couple of comments on social media asking).  Please reassure everyone that they don’t need to do this and all you need to take part is access to social media accounts, we are aware that not everyone may have access  but hopefully, they have a family member/friend or team mate that can help them.
On each day of the Games, videos will be posted to the BTG Social Media Channels and we're asking that people reply with their own videos, photos or comments. We have a schedule (see below) but for ease we’re trying to mirror what would have been the Games schedule in terms of activity. 
On Thursday 30th July, a video will go out for the Virtual Opening Ceremony, this will include short speeches and the lighting of the flame.  It will also feature all the photos that you sent in of your Teams.  What we’d like people to do is to share their moments of the Opening Ceremony  by replying to the video, some examples of what could be done, but not limited to, are below:
  • Share further videos/photos from the Parade/Opening Ceremonies of previous years
  • Recreate themselves parading in team kit in their Garden and post videos of this.
  • Light a candle as your Donor Flame and post the video/images.
  • Record a video message to a team mate/friend that you would have seen at the Games.
A video message will then be put out from Friday 31st July introducing the Sports, Social Events and Donor Run/Walk.  What we’d like people to do here is, using sport as an example, either post video/photos of themselves from previous Games competing or recreate themselves doing the sport at home, in the park or another venue where people feel safe.  We’d like people to post on the day that the sport would have taken place at the Games.  If it is a Thursday sport please post it on the Friday along with all Friday Sports.
We do understand that it’s unlikely that people will have all the equipment they need at home or have access to it at this time, so we want people to be creative and some examples or ideas are below
  • Javelin could be paper aeroplanes
  • Table tennis could be on the kitchen table with anything you can hit a ball with
  • Ten Pin bowling could be rolling a ball at anything you can knock over
  • Basketball could be shooting a sock into a bin
I’m sure people will be able to come up with much better ideas!!!
If they can’t post on the day posting at any point afterwards is fine. e.g. if your are going on a bike ride on the Sunday you can still post this in the Friday sports comments.
Please ask that people don’t send photos/videos to BTG to post, we would then need consent forms to be completed.
Thursday 30th July
Opening Ceremony (PM)
Friday 31st July
Day 1 and Day 2 Sports (AM)
Photo Social Events (PM)
Rock and Roll Bingo (PM) – Zoe Buchanan has organised Games of Rock and Roll Bingo to raise funds for Transplant Sport. The Games is for up to 3000, please see the link below for more information but can we emphasise the need for an email address to be given when donating as this is where your access code for the Games will be sent.
Saturday 1st August
Day 3 Sports (AM)
Donor Run (PM) – Please see the attached item from the Donor Family Network Team Manager Jim Fallow, they are going to be hosting a Donor Walk in the North West and would welcome anyone that wishes to join them.  The event will be used to help support the DFN and TS so please take a look and contact Paul German if you have any questions or ideas on how you may be able to support.
Sunday 2nd August
Day 4 Sport (AM)
Photo Celebration Events/Closing Event (PM)
We know that many teams have planned events for during this time also, please tag us in your posts and we will share
Facebook @BritishTransplantGames
Twitter @WHBTG
We’ll also be using the hashtag  #BTGVirtualGames2020
Look out for the MLS Team posting videos and joining in, this will include the wider Team you see at the Games and not just myself, John, Alison and Yuri.
Best wishes
Andrew Bridge
Event Manager
British Transplant Games

Although we won’t be meeting this year there will be many memories made virtually! To commemorate the 2020 Virtual Westfield Health British Transplant Games we are delighted to announce a 2020 Games technical fabric T-shirt designed by games sponsors Icon Creative Design! 


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