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The Aims and Objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote, throughout Kent, the welfare of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) including their families, friends and carers.
  • To provide financial support, specialist advice, guidance and access to further information and resources.
  • To create public awareness of chronic kidney disease & related treatments including organ donation.
  • To promote and encourage research into chronic kidney disease and to fully disseminate the useful results of such research.
  • To raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whomsoever by way of subscription, donation and otherwise.
  • To procure and provide information to the public concerning chronic kidney disease.

What We Do:

  • We give advice and support to new and existing patients 
  • We give financial help to patients in need
  • We fund our own Caravan Holiday Scheme for patients
  • We purchase small items of medical equipment
  • We hold fund raising and social events
  • We promote awareness of the National Organ Donor Register

How We Do It:

There are a number of ways we receive Donations. Our supporters organise various fundraising events such as:
Cake Sales, Raffles, Coffee Mornings, Dinner-Dances, Darts Competitions, Bat & Trap, BBQ's, Curry Nights and many more.
We also receive donations from people who take part in Sponsored Events, Marathons and Skydives as well as donations received in memory of a loved one. 
We have also been supported by the The Alan Squirrell Trust and The Masonic Charitable Foundation.
We are a registered charity and rely on donations to help us continue to run events & provide a wide range of support services including: information and advice, grants, psychological support and advocacy; to patients & the families, friends & carers who support them.
If you would like to donate or fundraise for us, have a look at our JustGiving page HERE